Location - Nefeli Hotel in Lefkada Island, Agios Nikitas


Let's take a look at our beautiful Location on Lefkada island!

Agios Nikitas is a small coastal village on the northwest side of Lefkada island. What's more, it is also the place of birth of one of Nefeli hotel's founders, Panagiotis!

The residents of Agios Nikitas are much like Panagiotis himself: simple, direct, with a dry sense of humor and a positive outlook on life. Agios Nikitas is a traditional village that can be described in a similar way to its people; as amiable, accessible, hospitable and, ultimately, captivating!

Nefeli hotel was built in 1990, right at the heart of Agios Nikita, on the famous pedestrian walkway that runs through the village. At a distance of only 100m from the beach, our location can be described as ideal!

The beach of Agios Nikitas is perfectly suited for families who want to take a swim without leaving the village, while close enough to enjoy coffee and food amenities. The beach's clean waters can provide parents with a sense of safety for their little ones. There are also plenty of small boulders, perfect for providing adventurous spots for older kids to play and dive from!

The beaches of western Lefkada are famously the most spectacular on the island, according to the travel platform TripAdvisor and its list of Lefkada's most beautiful beaches. What's more, Nefeli hotel's closest beach, on the coast of Agios Nikitas village, is on #13 of said list - regardless of its relatively small size!

Agios Nikitas village has been described as an exceptional location by the island's visitors, as it is a convenient starting point for excursions to plenty of western Lefkada's beaches and villages.

The plethora of clean sand beaches and the deep blue color of the sea give way to steep rocky boulders, while the famous turquoise of the Ionian sea playfully combines with the yellow-orange of the idyllic sunsets. In Agios Nikitas, dusk can be mesmerising!

Every summer, private boats depart from Agios Nikitas beach and head to the famous Milos beachwith gorgeous blue waters and thick sand. For the hikers out there, there is a pathway that begins right across from Nefeli hotel that leads to Milos beach; the hike lasts approximately 20 minutes - depending on the number of stops you will make in order to photograph the stunning view from the top!

Let's take a look at some indicative distances from our hotel to some of Lefkada's most well known beaches:

Pefkoulia beach: less than 3 km away. Pefkoulia is an organized beach, with plenty of beach umbrellas and a beach bar, so it is ideally suited to family time! If you do not wish to rent an umbrella, the beach also has a lot of room to place your own.

Kathisma beach: less than 3 km away. The "superstar" beach of western Lefkada, Kathisma is one of the island's hot spots. It's a huge beach, with powder sand, also organized with a lot of beach bars and restaurants to choose from. Part of Kathisma beach's fame is due to its impressive length, but it is its strong turquoise color that will truly win you over!

Avali beach: less than 10 km away. Avali is a lesser known beach of Lefkada (you could call it an -almost- "secret spot"!), but it is definitely worth a visit. Exotic, without any distractions and umbrellas, Avali inspires for a free attitude, peace and quiet. It is served by a tropical canteen, so you are not deprived of food and drinks, while enjoying the serenity of the beach.

Porto Katsiki beach: in approximately 30 km. Porto Katsiki needs no introduction, as it is one of Greece's most legendary beaches. Located under big white rocks, it has white sand and turquoise-white waters. With no umbrellas or canteens, this beach is characterized by a wild form of beauty. However, it is far from quiet; as it is relatively small, it is usually crowded with swimmers - so we advise you to visit it early. It is guaranteed to take your breath away!

Egremni beach: less than 25 km away. Another popular destination for the island's visitors is Egremni beach. Blue waters, golden sand and a picturesque view comprised of the nearby mountain and the surrounding rocks are just some of the reasons for visiting this beach! Egremni beach will be accessible again this year (2021), for the first time since the 2015 earthquake, as the construction for restoring access to the beach is almost finished.

The amazing views, the stunning waters and the majestic colors of the sky are just a part of what will keep you coming back to Lefkada and, more specifically to Agios Nikitas and hotel Nefeli!